I was born in London in 1991, and grew up in Belgium where I was raised by an air hostess mother who started showing me the world very early on. My studies, internships, and gap years led me to live and travel in several countries and be immersed in very diverse environments.

After studying journalism, followed by international relations, security and development in order to understand how the world turns, I realised the pictures I had been taking along the road had taught me much more.

For over 8 years, my camera has enabled me to connect with people and get to know more about the context of their lives. More than a glimpse into different cultures, making reports wherever they lead me has allowed me to learn about the fears, hopes, disappointments and expectations of strangers.

I believe that visual storytelling can be a powerful tool to show what is left hidden and if used ethically, I dare to hope it can trigger social changes.


Alisha Vaya
+32 474 53 67 51

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